Bundi, Rajasthan


Bundi is one of those places you might not get to if you’re passing through

on a limited amount of time

it’s the difference between

seeing and feeling

we might have stopped there

had a quick look

kept going

a lingering moment in our memories

for a short time

if we had planned in advance

but us not being planners or planned

throws up new things

we stopped

we got a room

we liked it


and stayed another night

the fort perched high above us


a quiet town


reinforcing that old feeling

that you don’t see a place

until you start seeing the things

you missed when you first walked passed them

things open up

and you wonder how you could have missed them the first time


was like that

fort just hanging up above the old town

and finally in the last few weeks

a town

that at least seemed small

a narrow street

mountain town feel

motorcycles of course

but up toward the fort not too bad

and our hotel

the Kasera Paradise

one of the better value places we’d had in Rajasthan up to then

the rooftop restaurants all but empty

and this the high season

not seeming like too many domestic tourists

when domestic tourism is changing the world of travel

making it busy

making it harder maybe


and sitting in a rooftop restaurant

when it’s 3 degrees outside

seems kinda crazy but it kinda works

specially when there’s a 16th century fort gazing down on you

and no hordes visiting it


and then we find Krishna

said to be the best masala chai maker in India

having books that travellers have filled for him

with such claims

and once we taste it

who are we to argue

it’s the best we’ve had

and a French couple

who had a cold

try it

the cold clears

it’s like Krishna magic

and he’s a nice guy too

Bundi magic




~ by Drifting, Rambling on January 7, 2014.

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