is Udaipur romantic?

a big claim

the 16th Century City Palace rises thirty metres out of the water of Lake Pichola


the old town architecture of Lal Ghat medieval-like

we got a place in the heart of it

by the Jagdish Temple

but there’s no footpaths there

or rather no roads

the old narrow paths

for motorcycles now

and people

and the occasional car that

chokes the flow


in the early hours of the morning a loud crunching woke us

was it a cow on the street

munching peanuts?

it sounded like outside our window

on the balcony

the wooden shutters didn’t shut

not properly anyway

and a gap had the cool air coming in all night

the crunching sound amplified

I took the torch

but as I approached the noise stopped

and I remembered it couldn’t be a cow

cause we were two floors up

with the lake below

then the animal

if that’s what it was

was gone

through the gap

a half eaten pigeon and corn kernels

proof I hadn’t dreamt it

what kind of animal does that?

with a jaw as big as a cow

from the sound of it

could it be a monkey

do they eat pigeons?

in India

we would have to say yes

and so

we moved out

not because monkeys eat pigeons

because the shutters didn’t shut

got a place across the bridge in Hanuman Ghat

not insignificantly named

Hanumen being half monkey


but easily accessible across the footbridge

through the turnstile

that I suppose keeps cows

and dogs from wandering from Ghat to Ghat

hence the bridge is one of the very few cowpat free regions of the city


wandering the streets

the narrow donkey wide streets

where no donkeys exist

only the bikes and cars

motorcycle bikes

each with a horn as loud as a truck

used constantly

dodging cows and dogs and people

the Millets of Mewar

a vegetarian

organic sustainable restaurant

with live Indian music

tabla fantastic

serving up sensational food

romantic or not

Udaipur has all the ingredients


MORE PHOTOS  @ driftinfocus.tumblr.com


~ by Drifting, Rambling on January 17, 2014.

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