Dry Stone Walk, Mallorca

Mallorca (6 of 18)

the Ruta de Pedra en Sec (GR221)

or the Dry Stone Route

runs along the north west coast of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands

where the mountains of the Serra Tramuntana

a Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site

rise up from the coast in a range of rocky outcrops,

ten of which tower over a thousand metres.

Mallorca (7 of 18)

A little tourist train chuffs up from Palma to Soller.

It’s slower than the bus,

more expensive,

but sets a nice pace for a walk,

with the windows down,

the breeze in your face

Mallorca (18 of 18)

Soller is nestled in a basin

a towering limestone massif  dwarfing the town

Mallorca (1 of 18)

from the plaza

we head north over the high saddle

and pretty quickly it’s not hard to see why it’s called the dry stone walk

olive terraces grip the mountainside

Mallorca (3 of 18)

if you’re quick,

it’s a long 8 hour walk to Tossal Verdes,

the path rising about 1,000m

before you reach the  refugio

but its worth the effort for the view alone,

friendliness, cold beer and good food

the bonus

refugio Mallorca Tossal Verdes (1 of 1)

Tossal Verdes to Lluc might look

on paper

like an easier day

but after a long stretch up the ridge of the Tramuntana

with spectacular views to the west and north coast,

and to the flat resort beaches to the east,

we trudged back down down down to Lluc,

seemingly endlessly,

a longer day than Soller to Tossal Verdes

Mallorca (8 of 18)

limping into the quirky monastery/ hotel at Lluc

an option when the refugio is full

the animated host said people prefer to make their own beds

yeah right

so the sheets are neatly placed on the foot of the bed

it’s tempting after a day like that,

not to make it at all.

From Lluc it’s a short ascent

before heading down to Pollenca,

a half day walk really,

much easier going,

to a pleasant town,

a nice little square and

a refugio .

Mallorca (15 of 18)

Once back in Soller the walk south heads to Deia,

descending the side of the Tramuntana

through lemon and orange groves,

olive trees and grapes

dramatic views down along the coast

cafes and freshly squeezed orange juice

Mallorca (13 of 18)

Mallorca (12 of 18)

Mallorca (17 of 18)

Deia perches below a rocky limestone cliff

that catches the sinking sun from across the Mediterranean,

a gentle town clinging to a gully

Mallorca (16 of 18)

that falls down to a stony beach

where a couple of stylish chiringuitos

quench the thirst

of the dry stone walk

Mallorca (14 of 18)


~ by Drifting, Rambling on November 21, 2015.

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